Loyal Customer Card

You have 6 reasons to become a Loyal Customer in Hotel Susi***
The holders of Card can get the following discounts:

1. Accomodation – 15 %
2. Conference rooms – 10 %
3. Sauna – 10 %
4. Restaurant a la carte menu – 5 %
5. Beauty Parlor services – 5 %
6. Special offers for every month

It is very easy to become a Loyal Customer of Hotel Susi. The Card could ve reseived in the reception of the hotel and it costs 6,40 €

Loyal Customer Card Memo:
1. A person who is at least 18 years old con join the program. For joining application form should be filled out at the hotel reception
2. Card is personal and the sevice staff is entitled to ask for ID
3. To receive the discounts please present the Card to our service staff
4. The Card is valid until the end of the year and can be extended for another year for the cost 1,60 €
5. If the Card is lost or damaged, a new Card must be purchased

Additional information available by phone: +372 630 3200 or by e-mail: susi@susi.ee